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iPhone 6 in Bend Tests

The iPhone 6 Plus has seen is fair share of criticism the last few weeks, especially following reports of how easily the phone “bends.” A video that surfaced recently shows just how how much the phone can bend exactly, as well as testing the competitors phones.

The smaller iPhone 6 looks to be less malleable that the iPhone 6 Plus, likely due the shorter lengthy span of aluminum. In the videos, it appears that the iPhone 6 Plus has a weak point around the volume buttons. The smaller iPhone 6 is resistant to the same amount of force, as shown in the video. Other than a small dent, the regular iPhone 6 remains intact and fully functional.

Based on the findings in this video, it is not believed that the smaller iPhone 6 users will experience the same issues that some of the Plus sized users are facing as far as bending goes. Also worth noting that the iPhone 6 Plus users will most likely not find the same amount of force on the phone from the inside of their pockets that was used in the videos. With that being said, it is still obvious that not much force is needed to bend the larger phone to the point that it “wobbles” when laying flat on a table.

Apple has not commented on the iPhone 6 Plus bending incidents, but iPhone 6 Plus owners can prevent bending by removing the phone from their pockets before sitting or by placing the device in a hard protective case.

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Target Posts iPhone 5c Discount

iPhones, or any Apple-Related item, often triggers consumer nausea, especially across the Christmas. Lots of people have some kind of Apple solution on their Holiday wish-list. Adolescents and early 20-somethings are specifically prone to possess the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5S to the Christmas record they offer for their parents or preferred uncles and aunts. iPhone sales will probably visit a significant boost from Black Friday until New Year’s day, consequently. Check out our newest Apple iPhone giveaways here. Additionally, a large discount on an iPhone 5C can tempt customers enough to look in a struggling firm.

Last weekend, to create up for the massive data infringement, Target presented a 10% discount to all their consumers. Several have reported that the discount wasn’t enough to pull them into buying there any time in the future, or that they deserve a more impressive discount. However, It might induce enough consumers for Goal vacations or to view a couple of major revenue times.

On the 10 percent discount weekend, the iPhone revenue weren’t enough to provide Target a massive increase in earnings. The Target bargains for last weekend, plus the 10% discount, built the iPhone 5c as little as $45 dollars. This package also included a $50 dollar gift-card. The hook, of course, is that you must sign a 2 year agreement with among the three major cellphone companies (Verizon, AT&T or Sprint), which might cause consumers to pay for more in the long run. The existing Goal iPhone 5c purchase supplies the telephone for between $30 and $200, with a $30 dollar gift card included.

Last-Minute buyers might run out and get Target up on this tempting option. However, they could locate a better deal by browsing around other stores or waiting for the after Christmas sales, that are happening sooner than ever this year. With a lot of different retailers marketing iPhones, Target may have much more competition than ever before, particularly with folks today questioning if Target can be a reputable resource in making acquisitions.

iPhone 5s Battery Life Woes

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in the center of its massive iPhone roll-out, which include two new iPhone designs for the first-time — the colorful iPhone 5c and the high-end iPhone 5s with both selling quite well. However for owners of the iPhone, Apple on Tuesday confessed to a production problem that affects “a small number of the brand new [iPhone 5s] models,” producing their batteries to drain rapidly.

Apple did not specify precisely how many iPhone 5s models will be affected by this battery problem, however the record offered by the Cupertino, Calif., company indicated it was a couple of thousand devices. IPhone 5s owners, however, ought to know that there’s nothing wrong with the battery itself: It is a manufacturing defect, not really a battery defect, as many people had formerly considered.

The iPhone 5s also features a somewhat revised battery for better life, a new camera method for a fingerprint sensor and slow-motion video photography called Touch ID, which allows users authenticate ownership and user passwords by simply holding their thumbs on the iPhone’s signature home button. With 360-degree readability, you can hold your thumb in virtually any orientation and it can be read properly. The entire device has a move, a stainless-steel detection ring, Touch ID alarm and a laser-cut sapphire crystal, that makes it unscratchable. Contact ID can also handle multiple fingerprints, so that you can grant access to your iPhone 5s to only certain people.

The new iPhone 5s giveaways also features a new camera system, which includes a new pill-shaped dual-LED thumb and a tighter aperture. The dual-LED thumb will help for lower-light settings, but its new camera aperture will also help get a handle on the total amount of light in each photograph. For more around the 5s, have a look at our review and hands-on together with the seventh-generation iPhone, and understand more about why it is worth the purchase price to upgrade.

The iPhone 5s attributes the exact same 4-inch Retina show and chamfered diamond-cut edges as last year’s iPhone 5, however the telephone also includes a variety of new innards. The iPhone 5s also includes a new A7 processor — with CPU performance 40 times faster and GPU performance 56 times faster compared to initial iPhone — and Open GL, just as the Nexus 7. More noteworthy, the iPhone 5s comes equipped with Apple’s new M7 chip, which contains all of the motion-tracking hardware Apple needs to make its iWatch a reality. By loading a lot of parts into the M7 motion co-processor, including an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, the M7 can constantly measure motion data for the newest generation of exercise and health applications.

Apple’s iPhone Sales Still Strong

Apple has released its economic results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, and the news for the company is mainly good: it reported $7.5 billion in profit on $37.5 million in revenue when compared with $8.2 billion in profit and $36 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2012. This beat Apple’s assistance from last quarter, which believed income of $37 billion for the next quarter.

Breaking out different individual products shows that the iPhone was by far Apple’s strongest seller, both in terms of total units sold and in accordance with last year. Apples were down by a little over seven percent, falling from 4.92 million units offered last year to 4.57 million units this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook observed this beat the 10 percent recession noticed in the wider PC market, but it is nevertheless the fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year decrease for the Mac.

Eventually, iPad income were successfully flat when compared with this quarter last year, which Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer were basically happy with—Q4 of 2013 was the next quarter of availability for that third-generation iPad, while both fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini were visiting the conclusion of their product cycles this year. Apple appears confident that the iPad Air, the Retina iPad mini, and the first-generation iPad mini’s new $299 beginning price will help drive sales forward in the first quarter of next year.

Apple’s direction for next quarter is significantly more than this one, even with sites headlining free giveaways featuring the iPhone 5s. The company expects revenues between $55 and $58 billion with 36.5 to 37.5 percent gross margins, higher-than the $54.5 billion in revenue the company manufactured in Q1 2013. The break fraction is a big one for Apple, and the organization expects the new iPads to operate a vehicle much of that growth. Cook also noted the company’s flagship computer, the iMac, was effortlessly taken from sale in the month-or-so between its announcement and its availability. Combined with the new Retina MacBook Pros, this would generate Mac sales up year-over-year for that first time in several quarters.

The iPod point also continues its continuing (and, likely, terminal) drop, selling only 3.5 million units as opposed to the 5.34 million units of the quarter. Macintosh sales have outpaced iPod sales this quarter for simply the first time considering that the iPod turned popular, showing precisely how far the media players have fallen in the face area of contemporary smartphones and tablets.

One of the more interesting tid-bits dropped during the phone was the cost of providing Mavericks and the iLife and iWork apps away free of charge. They also outlined the issue with error screens in newer iPhones. As is said many times since the other day, Apple’s comfortable hardware edges are subsidizing its ongoing computer software development. The organization continues to work to reduce its part prices, and margins for Q1 of 2014 are required to keep also despite the loss of the income.

Low iPhone 5c Sales

When Apple presented not just one but two new iPhones last month, it was the dawning of the new strategy for the organization, which for six years had championed its single iconic smartphone even as competitors rolled-out numerous forms, dimensions and features.But a month later, there are questions about how effective this strategy is, particularly in relation to the iPhone 5C, the cheaper, colorful plastic counterpart to Apple’s higher-end iPhone 5S.Though some experts see a long game in which the ‘fun’ edition of the iPhone will however demonstrate common, others are skeptical, based on some early symptoms.

But separate specialists estimate that the fancier 5S is out-selling its candy-colored relative by 3 to 1 or, sometimes, a lot more.

Some stores have responded by cutting costs on the iPhone 5C. That month, Most readily useful Buy ran a promotion providing the phone for $50. Wal-mart has reduced it to $45 through the holiday season, and Radio Shack is offering customers who get one $50 gift cards through early the following month. But some say it’s nearly time for you to publish the phone’s obituary. However, Apple does nothing unintentionally. The iPhone 5C demonstrably was released to appeal to clients in ways that the iPhone 5S could not. This is also way many retailers may be hosting new and free iPhone giveaways online.

The main problem, some analysts say, may be the price; although it doesn’t help that the iPhone 5s is showing errors such as the blue screen. Though the iPhone 5C starts at $99 using a mobile information plan, many had predicted that it’d must be actually cheaper to interest consumers in emerging markets like India and China. In China, where phones aren’t sponsored by cellular carriers, the 5C is selling for 3,500 yuan, or around $560. And though its design is all new, the 5C doesn’t sport features significantly upgraded from the iPhone 5, which is often had for only $199. The two-year-old iPhone 4S could be had free of charge using a data program.

iPhone 5s Shows Strong Sells

Asked throughout Apple’s last profits call if he feared the bigger end of the smartphone industry was approaching saturation, CEO Tim Cook said he didn’t. “I don’t subscribe to the normal view the high end, if you will, of the smartphone market are at its peak,” Cook said. “I don’t consider that.” Ends up Cook had justification to simply take that view. In September, Apple released a set of new iPhones, the flagship iPhone 5s and the mid-tier iPhone 5c, and a new analysis by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners implies that the 5s is outselling the lower-priced 5c in the United States. You can even reserve your free 5s version of the iPhone as of now.

According to CIRP’s survey of U.S. People who purchased Apple’s latest iPhones over the last days of September, the 5s accounted for 64 percent of total iPhone revenue after its launch that month. Meanwhile, the 5c accounted for 27 percent, with the history iPhone 4S creating the residual 9 percent.

Inspite of the freshness and its decorative style, it’s maybe not trying to sell that a lot better than the 4S did when it had been demoted to legacy iPhone from the flagship iPhone 5.

In accordance with CIRP’s investigation, the 5c accounted for 27 percent of iPhone revenue during the time period surveyed — only slightly greater than the 23 percent seized from the 4S during exactly the same period last year. Remember, the newest 5c is that this year moving into a task just like the one the previous 4S supported last year: The $99 iPhone. But Apple has attempted to improve its value proposition, tricking it out with a fresh plastic frame and color choices. Also worth noting: The 5 appears to have had a slightly more lucrative debut than the iPhone 5s, capturing 68 percent of new sales when compared with the 64 percent captured by the 5s, even though it’s experiencing it’s shares of errors.

CIRP’s information shows that the business has thus far prevented it — though that’s scarcely surprising as of this early period. All things considered, the iPhone 5c was designed as a popular smart-phone, the iPhone 5s as an fanatic one — a “forward-thinking” product for forward-thinking folks. And lovers in many cases are early adopters.

iPhone 5s Blue Screen Of Death

The so-called Blue Screen of Death is an error screen shown by operating systems following a crash.

But, numerous iPhone 5s people are reporting that their displays are turning a great blue for several seconds, prior to the unit crashes and reboots. The problem is reported on Apple assistance forums and on Twitter. Just the new iPhone 5s seems to be affected. A video showing the issue is viewed almost 900,000 times.

Many problems have been noted since Apple launched its latest cellular pc software update, iOS7, including a glitch that eliminated texts sent via iMessage from being sent. Specialists predict another area to solve continuing problems in the coming months.

Meanwhile, mobile program performance management business Crittercism promises that programs on the iPhone 5s are crashing twice as frequently because they do on the 5s or 5. The crash rate for the 5c and 5 are both under one per cent, nevertheless the crash rate for the 5s is all about two per cent. Check out our free iPhone 5s giveaway page for more information regarding this.

“Inevitably, with time, those issues get resolved.” He added that Apple is ‘certainly aware’ of issues and has already pushed out two updates for iOS. ‘Apple is doing a very good job of addressing these dilemmas as they come up,” he said. He seems to be right, since after all, Apple is showing some increasingly strong iPhone sales ahead of the holiday season.